Our Fall 2017 Issue

Last Updated September 14, 2017
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In the winter 2014 issue of Edible Cape Cod we introduced you to Joshua Schiff, the new farm manager of the recently established Chatham Bars Inn Farm in Brewster. When Schiff was hired in January of that year, only a half-acre of the eight-acre property was under production. By the time we met him nine months later, Schiff had already cleared several fallow fields to quadruple the arable area and installed a 12x50-foot hoop house to extend the growing season. Since then, he has leveled and cleared some of the property’s scrub pine-covered hills and now has almost five acres of land under cultivation. Vanessa Stewart caught up with Schiff and Chatham Bars Inn Executive Chef Anthony Cole at the farm where she observed the close working relationship the two men have forged. Stewart writes, “I enjoyed witnessing firsthand the symbiotic relationship between farmer and chef. It is a mutual admiration society. Cole is appreciative of the magic Schiff has bestowed on this acreage. It has given him access to a dream ‘pantry’ of specialty crops. Schiff, in turn, gets the satisfaction of seeing his efforts translated by Cole’s culinary artistry. It is a true and enviable farm-to table-collaboration.”

At 31 years of age, Schiff is among the youngest full-time farmers on the Cape. David Light, 78, is a farmer of a different ilk. After two very different careers (English professor, registered nurse), he now grows heirloom vegetables as an avocation, finding joy and friendship at the two outer Cape markets he frequents. We met Light many years ago at the Orleans farmers’ market, but much to our amazement, we had never written about him until Gus Schumacher pitched us a story about his friend and neighbor.

We hope you’ll be as captivated as we were by Les Garrick’s story and archival photos chronicling the Cape’s former dairy farms. As Garrick writes, although it’s been almost 60 years since Barnstable County had a registered dairy operation, for over a century there were many successful, small dairy farms up and down the Cape. And he raises the question: if Martha’s Vineyard and southeastern Massachusetts continue to produce milk, butter and cheese, why not here?

This issue boasts more recipes than any other issue of Edible Cape Cod, many of them accompanied by beautifully-styled food photographs from John Carafoli. Another reason to hold on to this issue for future reference is Larry Egan’s article about Cape Cod’s food trucks. We had hoped to include this story in our summer issue, but many of these operations did not hit the roads until after Memorial Day, when our summer issue was in the final production stages. While many food trucks stop serving after Labor Day, they’ll be back in business again next summer.

Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find great tips for growing lettuce from Veronica Worthington, suggestions for going zero waste from Michelle Koch, and strategies for eating a more healthy diet from Linda Maria Steele


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